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Aberdeen Baptist Church Leadership


At Aberdeen Baptist Church, we long for you and your family to grow to your full potential in life.  We firmly believe that God's greatest plan for you is found by faith in Jesus Christ.  This life is tainted by sin, but Jesus' sacrifice for the world on the cross paid the price for it. 
Faith: We believe that the life of the Christ-Follower should be centered on God's Word, learning and applying His truth in our lives.  

Family: We believe that we should show genuine affection for one-another through fellowship, ministry, and prayer.  We believe that everyone needs to be part of a Sunday School class or Small Group Bible Study.
Focus: We believe that the church is to be on mission for Him.  We accomplish this through local ministry, evangelism, mission trips, and giving financially to support Kingdom work.  

God has a great plan for your life! Come and find out what the Christ-life is about at Aberdeen Baptist Church


Constitution and By-Laws




Our church, first and foremost, is a Bible-believing fellowship of Christ-followers.  To better express our specific beliefs as Baptists, we have adopted the Baptist Faith and Message as our Statement of Faith.
Click this link to learn more:  Baptist Faith and Message

Aberdeen Baptist Church is voluntarily Affiliated with the following Southern Baptist Entities
Through our tithes and offerings, we contribute to the greater kingdom of God through the Cooperative Program