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March 31, 2019

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels? It's like you go through the motions and can't really seem to get a grip of the pavement in order to move forward. On the street, you might squall your tires. In the sand, your wheels just spin and kick dirt all over the place. On the pavement, you're likely to get traction eventually… on the sand? Well, you have some decisions to make and some work to do. You look at the resources around you, and hopefully you can either find something to help you gain traction, or someone shows up to pull you out. I've actually been in both situations with success and failure.

I think we get to this place in every part of life. Because we live in a fallen world rife with spiritual warfare, many of the ideas and things we try for Christ's kingdom end up facing opposition. It is tremendously easy to become discouraged. Jesus knew this, which is why more than once he reminds his disciples that He has overcome the world.

When we are discouraged, we have a choice to make. Will we continue in our current track and get caught up in more self-induced pity? Or will we look around us, find some resources to help along the way, and allow God to lift us out of the current struggle we're facing? I am greatly encouraged by the ways the church can and does build up those who are facing hardships. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we can trust God's promise that He never leaves or forsakes us. I am thankful for Christ's blessing when we trust Him.




Welcome to Aberdeen Baptist Church!  My name is Greg Duke, and I have been pastor of this wonderful fellowship of Christ-followers since October 2009.  In that time, Pueblo has become our new hometown.  It is a place that is rich in the history and heritage of our nation and of the American west.  Today, we see a local culture that has endured many trials with a unique resiliency.  It is a great place to live and grow.

Pueblo is also a community that desperately needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have a number of great needs in our city, but one thing is for sure, the trials and struggles we face are all subject to the reign and grace of Jesus Christ. 

We have people of all ages in our church.  We have individuals from throughout the area who attend.  If you're looking for a church home with much to offer, please consider us.  If you're looking to learn more about faith in Jesus Christ, pick up a Bible, start reading the Gospel of John, and join us on Sundays or Wednesdays to get connected with believers who place their hope in Christ.

I am thankful to serve Jesus Christ at Aberdeen Baptist Church.  I pray you will consider the same opportunity through the new life found in Him!


Greg Duke


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