From the Pastor


"Easter Changes Everything"

A lot has changed in the last calendar year. So many of us live and deal with different circumstances we would have never foreseen. Yes, we can blame a pandemic, and we can blame 2020, etc. (and on and on). Yes, things are not the same. But really, when we consider each of our lives, change is the only constant. Each change of the calendar witnesses things that are routine, and things that are forever changed. 

The one constant in this insane, mad world is that we need help. None of us can do this alone. Even if we think we are the most independent person on the planet, there are things we depend on others to do, no matter what (for instance, can any of you refine your own gasoline?). 

The greatest need we all have is something that we cannot achieve on our own: righteousness before our Creator. Judgment is coming, if not here already in some cases. The wrath of God falls on sin. Jesus became sin so that we might ourselves become His righteousness. 

As we worship Jesus together this Resurrection Sunday, I long for His people to gather in unity to bless the One who redeems us. 

He is Risen! 


In Christ, 


Greg Duke